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  • Silver Light and Apple Blossoms 40 x 24
    Quite often, when I'm painting portraits of people, I like to pose the model outdoors in a natural environment. In this case, the silvery light gave a soft, romantic feeling to the oil painting.
    Not For Sale
  • Indigo 24 x 30
    There's something about the setting sun that evokes such a feeling of tranquility, isn't there? That's what I wanted to capture in this oil painting of a young woman overlooking a gentle river at sunset.
    Not For Sale
  • In All Your Ways 68 x 42
    This original oil painting of an angel guiding and protecting two little children is based on Proverbs 3:6, which promises us that God will guide us if we acknowledge and submit to Him in all our ways.
    Not For Sale
  • Warm Winds 40 x 60
    I hope this original oil painting evokes the same warm feelings in you that it did in me when I painted it. I can still feel the sense of freedom and joy of a sparkling, sunny day at the beach.
    Not For Sale
  • Flamenco
    If you've ever seen a flamenco dancer, you know how exciting a performance can be. I wanted to capture that same energy and movement in an original oil painting with dramatic lighting, vivid color, and bravura brushwork.
    Not For Sale
  • Swedish Farm Girl 48 x 36

    For me, an oil portrait of a young woman dressed in traditional clothing like this is a loving tribute to my family heritage. It's my romantic interpretation of how things might have been.

    Not For Sale
  • Perfume 40 x 27
    This oil figure painting invites you to imagine a story about this beautiful young woman holding an elegant glass perfume bottle.
    Not For Sale
  • Amidst the Roar 30 x 40
    A friend of mine who owns a vintage clothing store allowed me to paint a series of oil portrait paintings using items from her Roaring 20s collection. The models and I all had a great time coming up with fun costumes and poses.
    Not For Sale
  • The Welcome of Spring 20 x 24
    After a long winter, there is nothing more inspiring in nature to paint than the beauty of spring. This oil landscape featuring blooming trees surrounding a traditional house, which is so inviting.
    Not For Sale
  • You are Not Forgotten 40 x 60
    Sometimes when I'm reading Scripture, I get an idea for a figure painting that I just have to paint. In this case, I wanted to convey the reassuring thought that God is always with us, taking care of us and attending to our needs. •SOLD
    Not For Sale
  • Drawn From Within 60 x 60
    Like many artists throughout history, I often enjoy creating an original oil painting that represents a deeper, more meaningful theme. Here, a young woman drawing water from a river is symbolic of the love of God that we hold within us, which we can draw upon when we need strength. •SOLD
    Not For Sale
  • Emerald and Amaryllis
    I have studied all the great portrait painters in history, from Sargent to Cassatt to Mucha, so I wanted this oil portrait of a young woman in an emerald green velvet dress to have that same timeless beauty and serenity.
    Not For Sale
  • Hearing His Call 26 x 28
    I believe that parents often share their values with their children in unexpected moments and in everyday actions. In this oil painting of a father playing the guitar for his daughter, he is teaching her a lifelong love of music.
    Not For Sale
  • The Visit, study 14 x 10
    Not For Sale
  • In Her Dreams 48 x 24
    Like the princess at a ball, this young woman dreams of dancing the night away with a handsome young prince. With the glorious light, dramatic textures, and lyrical lines, it's the perfect subject for a romantic oil painting. •SOLD
    Not For Sale
  • Hope and Promise 20 x 16
    What a beautiful time in life. This figure oil painting celebrates all the hope for this family's future.
    Not For Sale
  • Denmark Mill 16 x 20
    I loved the light on the landscape when I went out to paint this old mill. And it took me right back to fond memories of being out with my dad when I was a kid.
    Not For Sale
  • Masquerade 36 x 36
    One of my favorite ways to work with models is to let them help me choose clothing and props. In this case, we came up with quite a few masks, which lends an intriguing story to this portrait oil painting.
    Not For Sale
  • "Once Upon a Time" 24 x 30
    Not For Sale
  • Solo Dance 30 x 24
    Not For Sale
  • Gilded 10 x 8
    Price On Request
  • Steadfast 24 x 20
    Not For Sale
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